Faculty & Staff

Committed to academic excellence and student achievement and development, our faculty challenges students to create the next generation of theater by developing innovative productions, exploring new works, and engaging in learning inside, and beyond, the classroom. In the rapidly changing landscape of theater education, students must question, collaborate, and create theater rather than fit themselves into existing models. Unlike conservatories, our program emphasizes a wide range of theatrical disciplines. Our teaching happens in classrooms, in rehearsal halls and performances, and in design studios and technical shops. 

Theater is a highly collaborative art form: it brings together actors and directors, writers and dramaturgs, designers and technicians, choreographers and vocal coaches, stage managers and crews, and (finally) audiences. The intense interaction, mutual reliance, and risk-taking that create good theater naturally forge strong bonds. Theater creates community, and at Emory that community is very close - and also very receptive to new members of our ever-growing family.